2015 National Academic Team Champions

And All-America Scholar-Athletes in Men’s Gymnastics


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William and Mary repeated as the national academic team champion with a combined grade point average of 3.458. This gives William and Mary a record seven academic team titles since the inception of the team award in 1991. Springfield College finished second with a 3.389 team grade point average with Stanford, Minnesota, and Navy rounding out the top five. The top 10 included California, Nebraska, Michigan, Ohio State and Oklahoma. The College Gymnastics Association’s top 10 academic teams are:

1. William and Mary 3.458

2. Springfield 3.389

3. Stanford 3.373

4. Minnesota 3.307

5. Navy 3.286

6. California 3.203

7. Nebraska 3.198

8. Michigan 3.104

9. Ohio State 3.028

10. Oklahoma 3.023

Honorable Mention: Iowa, Illinois-Champaign, Penn State, Illinois-Chicago, and Army.

The College Gymnastics Association has also honored 65 individual gymnasts as 2015 first team All-America Scholar-Athletes in men’s gymnastics for attaining at least a 3.50 grade point average and 63 second team All-American Scholar-Athletes for attaining a grade point average between 3.2 and 3.499. Ten gymnasts have been designated first team Academic All-American Scholar-Athletes by the College Gymnastics Association for all four years of their eligibility: Connor Venrick, Army; Michael Wilner, California; Sean Bauer, Minnesota; Joshua Steves, Navy; Josh Unger, Nebraska; Patrick Ryther, Andrew Grabowski and Brian Cogan from Springfield; Michael Levy, Stanford; and Peter Ten Eyck from William and Mary.

The 65 first team All-American Scholar-Athletes for men’s gymnastics are:

4.0 grade point average:
Connor Westrick, Navy; Jack Metcalf, Minnesota; Dennis Zaremski, Stanford, and Patrick Ryther, Springfield.

3.999-3.90 grade point averages:
Josh Unger, Nebraska; Jonathan Zirna, Springfield; Ryan Irick, Nebraska; Michael Levy, Stanford; Andrew Grabowski, Springfield; Yaroslav Pochinka, Minnesota; Tucker McClure, Springfield; Ethan Lottman, Nebraska; Michael Dorsey, Navy; Cyrus Dobre-Mofid, Iowa; and Wyatt LaPointe, Navy.

3.899-3.80 grade point averages:
Josh Yee, Oklahoma; Brian Cogan, Springfield; Reid Swanger, Michigan; Joshua Steves, Navy; Jonathan Deaton, Stanford; Ryan Metzger, William and Mary; Samuel Docherty, Springfield; Alex Magsam, Nebraska; Michael Wilner, Illinois-Champaign; Luke Aldrich, Minnesota; Taylor Harrower, Michigan; Jacob Tilsley, Illinois-Champaign; Emeric Quade, Ohio State; Mat Turnansky, William and Mary; and Maximillian Mayr, Illinois-Champaign.

3.799-3.70 grade point averages:
Derek Taranto, Springfield; Daniel Berardini, Oklahoma; Connor Venrick, Army; Alec Robin, Oklahoma; Aria Sabbagh, William and Mary, Peter Ten Eyck, William and Mary; Wilson Patton, Stanford; Japheth Grimes, Illinois-Chicago; and Mitchell Campbell, William and Mary.

3.699-3.60 grade point average:
Keaton Ackerman, William and Mary; Adam Avant, William and Mary; Brian Knott, Stanford; Rob Meyer, William and Mary; Joseph Peters, Illinois-Champaign; Christopher Stephenson, Nebraska; Nolan Novak, Michigan; Drew Willoughby, Stanford; David Frick, Navy; Steven Jaciuk, Minnesota; and Neal Courter, William and Mary.

3.599-3.50 grade point average:
Eric Morrison, Navy; Conor Galvin, Springfield; Zach Ceroli, Navy; Michael Deitz, William and Mary; Gagik Gharibyan, California; Ryan Kearns, Springfield; Sean Bauer, Minnesota; Sanjaya Roy, Nebraska; Nestor Rodriguez, Penn State; Philip Ordonez, Springfield; Timothy Lebbossiere, Springfield; Evan Eigner, Ohio State; Ellis Mannon, Minnesota; Jordan DeClerk, Stanford; Jonathon Fornoff, Air Force; and Dylan Akers, Oklahoma.

The 63 second team All-American Scholar-Athletes for men’s gymnastics are:

3.499-3.40 grade point averages:
Alexander Wittenberg, Minnesota; Colin Mahar, Michigan; Cory Paterson, Iowa; Taylor Seaton, Stanford; Craig Hernandez, Penn State; Travis Burke, Illinois-Chicago; William Clement, Oklahoma; Bandon Field, Iowa; Logan Bradley, Illinois-Champaign; Kevin Tran, California; Joel Gagnon, Minnesota; Benjamin Cooperman, Penn State; Jesse Glenn, Army; Mathew Loochtan, Iowa; William Albert, Iowa; Joseph Boyle, Penn State; Stacey Ervin, Michigan; Larry Jake Martin, Ohio State; John Williams, Ohio State; Mark Panhorst, Michigan; Alexander Nork, Ohio State; Sean and Senters, Stanford.

3.399-3.30 grade point averages:
Daniel Steiner, Ohio State; Jacob Feldmann, William and Mary; Griff Antle, William and Mary; Sergey Resnick, Oklahoma; Michael Brackmann, Illinois-Chicago; Joe Copobianco, Springfield; J. J. Jindra, William and Mary; Nicholas Hunter, Michigan; Cody Teaney, Ohio State; Jacoby Rubin, Oklahoma; Keith Kohn, Illinois-Chicago; Evan Bluemel, Ohio State; Austin Hodges, Iowa; Jeremiah McReynolds, William and Mary; Franz Card, Penn State; Jason Wang, William and Mary; Robert Neff, Stanford; Capri Sano, California; Thao Hoang, Oklahoma; Andrew Botto, Iowa; Jason Gaides, Illinois-Chicago; Jonathan Chin, Michigan; Tristan Duverglas, Penn State; Taylor Smith, Illinois-Champaign; and Kevin Wolting, California.

3.299-3.20 grade point averages:
Christian McSwain, Penn State; Doug Sullivan, Iowa; Brett Valin, Illinois-Chicago; Ryan Wilson, Army; Shashank Yallamraju, Minnesota; Ryan Patterson, California; Dylan James, Michigan; Christopher Root, Illinois-Chicago; Allen Bower, Oklahoma; Akash Modi, Stanford; Ryan Bergman, Minnesota; Andrew House, Nebraska; John Kramer, Minnesota; Scott Poort, Illinois-Chicago; Daniel Leal, Nebraska; and Donald Yeager, Ohio State.


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