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2017 National Academic Team Champions

2017 National Academic Team Champions
All-America Scholar-Athletes in Men’s Gymnastics

Nebraska won its first national academic team title in men’s gymnastics with a combined team grade point average of 3.505. Stanford placed second while three time defending academic champion William and Mary finished third. NCAA champion Oklahoma and Penn State were fourth and fifth respectively with Minnesota, Navy, Illinois-Champaign, California-Berkeley, and Springfield rounding out the top 10. The College Gymnastics Association’s top 10 academic teams for men’s gymnastics are:

  1. Nebraska – 3.505
  2. Stanford – 3.479
  3. William and Mary – 3.454
  4. Oklahoma – 3.308
  5. Penn State – 3.284
  6. Minnesota – 3.280
  7. Navy – 3.210
  8. Illinois-Champaign – 3.151
  9. California-Berkeley – 3.127
  10. Springfield – 3.047

Honorable Mention: Michigan, Illinois-Chicago, Ohio State, Iowa, Air Force, and Army.

The College Gymnastics Association has also honored 86 individual gymnasts as 2017 first team All-America Scholar-Athletes in men’s gymnastics for attaining at least a 3.50 grade point average and 65 second team All-American Scholar-Athletes for attaining a grade point average between 3.2 and 3.499. Five gymnasts have been designated first team Academic All-American Scholar-Athletes by the College Gymnastics Association for all four years of their eligibility: Neal Courter, William and Mary, Wyatt LaPointe, Navy, Joey Peters, Illinois-Champaign, Aria Sabbagh, William and Mary, and Mat Turnansky, William and Mary.

The 86 first team All-American Scholar-Athletes for men’s gymnastics are:
4.0 grade point average: Jacopo Gliozzi, William and Mary; Evan Hymanson, Nebraska; Christopher Krystek, Michigan; Wyatt LaPointe, Navy; Noah Roberson, Penn State; Brian Schibler, Oklahoma; and Chris Stephenson, Nebraska.

3.999-3.90 grade point averages: David Allen, William and Mary; Mitchell Campbell, William and Mary; Christian Correale, Navy; Joshua Everitt, Nebraska; Jannik Haas, Springfield; Yaroslav Pochinka, Minnesota; Benjamin Provost, Navy; Christopher Sants, Penn State; Anton Stephenson, Nebraska; Mat Turnansky, William and Mary; and Benjamin Winkel, Minnesota.

3.899-3.80 grade point averages: Luke Aldrich, Minnesota; Ryan Bergman, Minnesota; Jake Dastrup, Ohio State; Andrew Jones, Navy; Justin Karstadt, Minnesota; Peter Makey, William and Mary; Michael Paradise, Illinois-Champaign; Joey Peters, Illinois-Champaign, Andrew Rickly, Ohio State; Aria Sabbagh, William and Mary; Capri Sano, California; David Szarvas, Ohio State; Roshan Toopal, California; Wyatt Tyndall, Penn State; and Matt Wenske, Oklahoma.

3.799-3.70 grade point averages: Levi Anderson, Oklahoma; Brayden Borromeo, Penn State; Michael Burns, Penn State; Thao Hoang, Oklahoma; David Jessen, Stanford; Jacob Light, Illinois-Champaign; Alex Magsam, Nebraska; James Marden, Illinois-Chicago; Rob Meyer, William and Mary; Robert Neff, Stanford; Sanjaya Roy, Nebraska; Cian Singleton-McConnell, Navy; Luke Sturm, Stanford; Alexander Thomason, Penn State; Coleman Tokar, Nebraska; Barrett Weiss, Stanford; Drew Willoughby, Stanford; and Joshua Zeal, Iowa.

3.699-3.60 grade point average: Joey Bonanno, Ohio State; Benjamin Cooperman, Penn State; Neal Courter, William and Mary; Austin Epperson, Nebraska; Austin Hodges, Iowa; Thomas Paul, Michigan; Michael Rauchwerger, Clalifornia; Taylor Seaton, Stanford; Genki Suzuki, Oklahoma; and Alexander Wittenberg, Minnesota.

3.599-3.50 grade point average: Griffin Antle, William and Mary; Andrew Botto, Iowa; Drew Burton, Stanford; Franz Card, Penn State; Michael Chan, Ohio State; Jonathan Chin, Michigan; Nicholas Del Junco, California; Josiah Eng, Stanford; Jacob Feldmann, William and Mary; Joel Gagnon, Minnesota; Vadim Ivanov, Navy; Vitali Kan, Minnesota; Keith Kohn, Illinois-Chicago; Zachary Liebler, Minnesota; Casey Mahoney-Muno, Illinois-Chicago; Jake Maloley, Oklanoma; Blake Marin, Illinois-Champaign; Jeremiah McReynolds, William and Mary; Christopher Patton, Illinois-Chicago; Sebastian Quiana, Illinois-Champaign; Joey Ringer, Stanford; Brandon Shively, Army; Brenon Sommers, Nebraska; Jacob Thurber, Illinois-Chicago; Nate Winneg, William and Mary; Adam Young, California; and Andrew Zymball, Nebraska.

The 65 second team All-American Scholar-Athletes for men’s gymnastics are:
3.499-3.40 grade point averages: Grant Breckenridge, Stanford; Parker Chiapuzio, Michigan; Alexander Dumstorf, Illinois-Chicago; Jonathan Fornoff, Air Force; Hunter Justus, Oklahoma; Tanner Justus, Oklahoma; John Kramer, Minnesota; Ryan Orce, Navy; Philip Ordonez, Springfield; Nathaniel Ramil, California; Alex Wilson, Ohio State; and Josh Yee, Oklahoma.

3.399-3.30 grade point averages: Connor Adamsick, Nebraska; Evan Bluemel, Ohio State; Allan Bower, Oklahoma; Joseph Boyle, Penn State; Frank Bradley, Navy; Jake Brodarzon, Iowa; Chase Cannon, Air Force; Dominic Difulvio, Penn State; Chandler Eggleston, Illinois-Champaign; Tom Gibbs, Illinois-Champaign; Travis Gollott, Nebraska; Grant Kell, Oklahoma; Jordan King, Nebraska; Connor Lewis, Stanford; Dennis Minton, Illinois-Champaign; Akash Modi, Stanford; Christopher Root, Illinois-Chicago; Kieran Serrata, Springfield; Taylor Smith, Illinois-Champaign; Daniel Terrano, Springfield; Lucas Wilcox, Springfield; and Brandon Wong, Iowa.

3.299-3.20 grade point averages: Jacob Barrus, Stanford; Dmitri Belanovski, Michigan; Jake Bonnay, Nebraska; Casey Branin, Air Force; Fletcher Braunton, Air Force; Mitchell Brown, Michigan; Andrew Carter, Springfield; Nicholas Cramer, Springfield; Peter Daggett, Oklahoma; Jordan DeClerk, Stanford; Joshua Dieker, Springfield; Leonard Genders, Army; Jack Hasenkopf, William and Mary; Jake Honsberger, William and Mary; Justin Hopgood, Michigan; Johnny Jacobson, Illinois-Champaign; Nicholas Jama, Springfield; Kyle King, Nebraska; Daniel Leal, Nebraska; Jake Martin, Ohio State; Andrew Misiolek, Stanford; Stephen Nedoroscik, Penn State; Cory Paterson, Iowa; Bailey Perez, Stanford; Elijah Phelps, Army; Ryan Sheppard, Stanford; Mark Springett, Iowa; Jonathan Tang, Navy; Nick Van Dyke, William and Mary; Ryan Wilson, Army; and Gareth Weiss, Stanford.

Cliff Gauthier
CGA Academic All-American Scholar-Athlete Committee