NCAA Men’s Gymnastics Alumni & Friends

We are at an incredible moment in the history of college gymnastics. The minds of many that are passionate about sustaining the experiences NCAA gymnastics provides are working together like never before! Please elevate this moment by joining the NCAA Men’s Gymnastics Alumni Database. Your information is completely confidential and will not be used for any reason other than initial correspondence from the CGA Men’s Gymnastics Executive Committee. The purpose of this database is for communication and assessment.

As a result of the past 30 year trend of discontinuing men’s programs, many in our gymnastics community have been lost, beat down and disheartened. We intend to fix this problem, change the landscape and unite all collegiate gymnastics alumni & friends. We appreciate your support with this initiative and please feel free to spread this form to any and all members of the past and present NCAA gymnastics community. Please contact Mike Burns ( with any questions you may have about this database. It is our new mission to Preserve, Protect and Build for the future generations of gymnasts & fans.