#NCAAMGym Week 4 Power Rankings

Every week we’ll release a “Power Rankings,” aiming to provide a fluid picture of how each team across the NCAA is doing at the moment. The idea is to try not to focus too much on scores and look more at the current state of the team. The (+) or (-) next to each team’s … Continue reading #NCAAMGym Week 4 Power Rankings »

#NCAAMGym Week 4 Recap

This past weekend was PACKED full of #NCAAMGym action and provided just a bit more clarity on the status of a few teams. We didn’t see too many surprises, though we did see the defending champs put up a gaudy number, Penn State upset conference rival Nebraska and Michigan assert their new-found dominance. That last … Continue reading #NCAAMGym Week 4 Recap »

The CGA 2019 #NCAAMGym Season Preview

Every year, May through December flies by. 2018 was certainly no exception, as it seems like ten minutes ago we were watching the Oklahoma Sooners celebrate their fourth-straight NCAA title inside of the UIC Pavilion. All that’s happened since that time? A U.S. Championships that saw a current or former NCAA gymnast win every single … Continue reading The CGA 2019 #NCAAMGym Season Preview »